What is Visitor Management System and why we need it

What is the Visitor Management System?

A Visitor Management system is the process of tracking everyone who enters your building premises or your office. A visitor may be a customer, a job applicant or a delivery person and essentially anyone who is not a regular full-time employee is a visitor.

Before the Visitor Management System Existed:-

Suppose if the management ask you how many visitors have visited our office today or

How many visitors have come yesterday you probably struggled to answer at least that last question if not the one before. And you should pull out the binder that holds your visitor sign-in sheets or you have to check the register and manually count the entries.

An old fashioned visitor management system is the sign-in sheet a piece of paper that is usually kept on a clipboard or in a binder at the front desk reception. Whenever a visitor arrives they need to write down their name, who they’re there to see, and the time. Then the receptionist sitting at the front desk informs the host that their visitor is waiting in the lobby. At some point, that sign-in sheet gets filed away and a new sheet appears on the clipboard to record the next visitors.

It’s not a particularly good visitor management system and not environmentally friendly. But it does work because as long as you don’t need an easily searchable visitor log or visitor photos and ID Cards or badges.

Visitor Management Today:-

Today, companies have given up using binders, pens, and paper and the receptionist is using a visitor management system through I-Pad

A Visitor Management System does the key job of checking in and checking out the visitors. And it also does many things were a pen and paper can’t.

Why we need a visitor Management System?

Visitors are important in every organization, be it’s an office space or a school/college. And if there are visitors, there is always a need for a visitor management system. Every organization looks for a secured visitor management system whether it is Industry, organization, residential complex schools or Research Centers.

Because the strong verification system makes sure that the wrong people are kept out while the right people are let in quickly and efficiently. For a company, if there are any visitors then there would be a requirement of the visitor management system.

The Features are as follows

  1. Stockpiling the visitor details

This application is mainly used for storing visitor details.

It‘s very important to store up the details of every visitor to any business or organization. This App will do this duty accurately to ease away your data maintenance of your visitors.

  1. Image capturing of the visitor if needed

This App enables you to customize the details with the Image you would like to collect from them so that you can clear about the visitor.

  1. Tracking of your visitor is present in it

You can keep track of all of your visitors for any further purposes

  1. Visitor mobile number verification through an OTP

Visitor mobile number verified through OTP

  1. Generation of a unique Id for every visitor

A unique Id will be generated for each visitor so that visitor will be authenticated

  1. The availability of visitor details with his pic. Follows the check-in

After visitor check-in successfully, Employees get instant notifications about the arrival of their visitors along with their photographs as in-app


  1. Facility to an employee to assign another person for the visitor

An employee can either wish to meet the visitor or he can assign another person to meet that visitor 

  1. One an easy click to check out

After completion of the visit, the Visitor can check out with one easy click 

  1. Delay of the visitor even after check-in is notified

 Once visitor checks in, after a specific period of time the visitor gets an alert message and employee gets notified about the visitor 

  1. Rating of the visitor for improvement of services

The visitor can give the rating of his visit so that the services can be improved to a better state

 The outstanding features of this wonderful App is :- 


  1. Paperless

The total of the paper usage with regard to the reception of the visitors is reduced to a complete zero this is how we can skip the laborious process of writing the details of visitors and also can become nature guards to an extent.

  1. Interactive

The visitor and the guest get the direct scope for interfacing and there will be no long-established and age-old mediator process of reception 


  1. Secure

This App gives no scope for any disorganizing of the purposes of both the guest and the host that’s how it’s a total secured one.

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