What is bio-metric time and attendance system and why we need it


Bio-MetricTime and attendance system is one of the simplest and powerful ways of controlling costs related to loss of time of employees working hours due to the high price of manual attendance processed.



The use of the right time and attendance system can save your company time and reduce errors that are often made by the wrong process of attendance calculations. Save time and Save money with Bio-metric Time and Attendance.




  • Bio-metric attendance system software allowing any time anywhere access.
  • Define Overtime rules
  • Keep a track of leaves, absence or vacation.
  • Implement timesheet easily and quickly.
  • Easy Payroll calculations.
  • Manage holiday & weekly offs easily.
  • Increase accuracy
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Lower admin costs

Leave Management

Leave management system simplifies the difficult task of monthly reconciliation of leaves of each and every employee and allows the managers to handle employee leaves efficiently.

An ideal attendance management system should have an individual method to track leaves by Monitoring employee absences and monitoring employee presence, working hours, and attendance. Improper use of time-off management practices and using manual tools can result in insufficient staffing, employee dissatisfaction, and productivity drop.




  • Define Leave rules
  • Leave Adjustments for monthly wise
  • Lapse or Transfer Leave
  • Leave Balance
  • Leave Reports


The right use of the Time and attendance system will save your companies time and reduce errors that are frequently made by wrong attendance calculations save your time with web based Time and attendance system software.



  • Pay slip generation.
  • Statutory and bank reporting.
  • Import or export files to excel.
  • Cross platform viability.
  • Easier to manage and update the database.

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