Since I'm new to this site I thought I would test out the blogging feature by copying a short one I did on my site :).  As some of you may know a couple of of weeks ago a group of aquarium gurus published a study measuring the flow of propeller type pumps.  During their testing they published some dissapointing flow results for the Tunze pumps.  Tunze has now come out with their own responce video:



Instead of trying to argue against the results of the study it appears that their argument is more aimed towards saying the type of flow that the tunze pumps produce is better.  If you have a chance to watch the video I'd be interested to hear your opinions.

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Comment by Skipper on August 21, 2011 at 11:12am
I think the koralias are great pumps actually.  IMO I think its better to have the random flow.
Comment by Heidi on August 20, 2011 at 7:10pm
so... I have crappy little Hydors.. which is better to push the water farther faster... or more gph and more random??
Comment by Seano hermano on August 20, 2011 at 10:44am

When I saw the article on Reef Builders, and also Advanced Aquarist online magazine, I was quite surprised with the results. Vortech pumps came out way ahead, while Tunze Terbelle Stream powerheads appeared to be lacking quite a bit. I've never owned a Tunze pump, but after seeing how they tested, I was disappointed with the results from the Tunze Turbella Stream pumps. I had heard that Tunze had tested themselves, and confirmed the numbers to be correct. But that was all I heard of it.


I am largely impressed with the results of this video. 'Competing pumps' [Vortech] have very great amounts of flow, but with that you have turbulence. Greater turbulence means wider a angle of flow, which, as we can see in the video, is partly how Ecotech Marine's Vortech MP pumps work. They rely on turbulence to get that wide angle of flow so many people are wanting.


But if I am correct, while the flow may be lower volume, it appears that the Tunze pumps actually put out flow farther though the water, due to it being more directional (less turbulence), thus allowing the bubbles and ink die, to make it a far distance across the test tank, when compared to that of the competing pump.

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