The path of exile: the five most superiors

There are hundreds of monsters to be killed in the path of  exile. But who is the hardest boss to beat in the game?

Like any excellent dungeon crawler, there are hundreds of monsters to be killed on the road to exile. Throughout the campaign and the endgame, players will encounter a variety of monsters and bosses, and they will drop unique loot for more crazy construction.

However, the path of exile is not easy. If the player wants to reach the goal, it will take time to build the theory and master the boss mechanism. Before the first bill, players would be bombarded by their bosses, who are more reminiscent of bullet-like boss fights than aRPG bosses. From the boss at the beginning of the game to Sirius himself, here are the five most difficult bosses in The Path of Exile.

For experienced "Path of Exile" players, Brutus is an easy-to-use boss, and it is easier to win. But it's not necessary for novices. However, novices can use POE Currency to make themselves easier in the game.

Brutus is the boss player halfway through the first act. His attack speed is slow, but the damage caused by the attack is quite large, and most people will be injured. Halfway through the battle, Brutus will summon hordes of skeletons and raise spikes from the ground. If you do n’t adjust your position often or suffer high losses, Brutus is a powerful force that will require many attempts to defeat.

The second half of the Battle of Exile battle requires players to kill the gods during the entire war break, making it powerful enough to kill Kitava. This god is Yugul. He is a boss. If you don’t pay attention, you will end your character’s life in one second.

Cold is Yugul's specialty and can freeze anyone who lacks 75% cold resistance. If he doesn't freeze you, the player will follow a lot of balls and cause a lot of damage. Thankfully, he is an optional boss in the area attached to Act 8.

Uber Elder is considered to be the most difficult part of the game, Uber Elder has a great test of player skills and construction feasibility. This battle combines the elders and deformers with some new mechanics. During the game, older servants will often appear, which requires a good cooperation between the mob and boss management. Once you understand this battle, you will be attracted by his fairness, which is a difficult and fair boss fight.

What scared him was his Vaal Detonate Dead skill, which caused every corpse nearby to explode in a huge chain. This will destroy most buildings, even those with powerful energy shields! The best chance to avoid this is to kill Bameth before it has a chance to turn the map into a nuclear explosion. Players can also buy Chaos Orb to gain powerful skills and kill enemies.

Now, Sirius has become the ultimate leader of the Path of  Exile. Sirius uses the skills of the Elder and the Shaper and raises it to 11. Only the best players can fight this deadly leader.

The ground effect covers the entire arena, causing thousands of injuries per second, including the strongest buildings. Sirus emits multiple beams of light, making Shaper look easy. The meteor falls, forcing the player to complete the maze at the risk of immediate death. But the rewards are huge, and you will get two handicrafts whose effects are combined into one project.

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