Sick of Animal Crossing’s sea bass joke? Its writer is, too

After the first fishing competition in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I began to dream about sea bass. I dreamed that I would participate in a real fishing competition when I was a kid, but every time I lifted something, no matter what kind, I would shout loudly.

I caught the most fish in the game, but in the end everyone was so annoyed at me that they refused to give me a bonus. They hate this joke. me too. In new horizons, bass and Animal Crossing Bells are usually common. If you see large shadows in the water, it may be perch. They are everywhere throughout the year. Every time I see a big shadow, I feel excited and wonder if it will be a shark! But every time I am disappointed, the result is perch.

Nintendo knew this disappointment. Since "Animal Crossing: Wild World", people have been joking about the prevalence of this fish: "I caught the perch! No more! This continues to Animal Crossing: Urban Folk and Animal Crossing: New Leaves. New Horizons, Nintendo never gave up! A pun, that's where C + appears.

New Horizon local writer Rob Heiret (who wrote this joke) is also tired of it. Heiret posted a Twitter topic this weekend to explain the joke. He said that he initially used C for production, but changed during the development process.

It was pointed out that when people are joking, people will see many, many times, but they are disappointed that they did not capture something better. Perhaps it is best to turn it into positive, Heiret tweeted. "It was replaced by C +."

Heiret explained that although it seems that they removed the "bass", the joke is still the same, but it still relies on the homophones of 
Buy ACNH Bells and "C" to change your view of animal descriptions.

His point of view is that Nintendo has been working hard to create new horizons, "become the most positive, comfortable and fun game we can do", and even the sea bass joke that tortures players. And it does. I mean, if they are different, the game will not be the same, right?

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