Patrick Mahomes has broken the Madden 20 cover curse

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Super Bowl LIV and earn MVP honors, EA quickly announced the demise of the Madden curse, but is this true? For more interesting and used Madden information, you can follow GameMS and we will continue to provide you. And you can also Buy MUT Coins on our website, as well as more auxiliary tools to help you get better game results.

Earlier this season, when Patrick Mahomes fell for fear of a serious knee injury, many-including myself-quickly blamed Madden for EA Sports. After all, Mahomes has just been appointed cover star of this year's Madden NFL 20, and anyone familiar with the franchise knows what it means: the terrible Madden curse will strike.

Well, it turns out that the injuries were not as serious as many people feared. After missing a few games, Mahhoms returned and helped lead the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl championship. Of course, among the people celebrating the victory was the electronic arts company, who soon claimed that the curse had been effectively broken.

Although this is true, I am not sure if it is true. Of course, Mahomes won the Super Bowl, so he was the first Madden cover star to participate in and win the contest (and MVP).

But we are talking about a curse that spans decades. It is not easy to break it in a show. It works mysteriously and doesn't always hurt the player. As the team failed to meet expectations, some players just continued to play mediocre seasons.

We must also remember that the curse may not be limited to football. If you think back to 2015, Ronda Rousey was declared a cover for EA Sports UFC 2 a week before the Grand Slam title battle with the weak Holly Holm athlete. I believe you all remember that Lucy was knocked out devastatingly by a brutal maneuver, and everyone immediately pointed out the curse on the cover of EA.

Frankly, the curse of EA or Madden may not be true-especially if we judge based only on the player's ability to win the biggest game in their respective sport (of course, in most cases it will fail). However, tracking in and out is still an interesting thing. The question is, who will be the cover character of Madden 21? GameMS will continue to pay attention, if you are also interested, you can follow us, Buy MUT Coins, set up your dream team, we are the most affordable.

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