Path of Exile: Prey, Hunting, and the Beast

In the game in The Path of Exile, or rather, a walk on the river in Act Two, players will encounter the hunter Pinhal. This will launch an additional mission where you have to search for special beasts and then capture and use them to create unique items.

Einhal himself then met at random or during his mission as Atlas. Each mission at Einhar requires you to capture 3 to 5 unique beasts at a given location. The beast is marked with a special icon (1) on the map. If you encounter challenges throughout the hunting process, then you can spend some cash to Buy POE Currency at to enhance your strength, which is very practical.

The goal of these missions is to capture the opponent's health as 0. When this happens, Einhar will begin the process of capturing the beast, which will end in a few seconds. When the player catches all the beasts at the given location, Einhar will disappear.

This character is associated with the location "manager." To use it for the first time, you need to find Einhar in any city, start a conversation and select Visit Manager (2). The next entry can be reached through the checkpoint and talking to Einar.

In "Manager", you should be interested in Beastcrafting mechanics. This is a handicraft using previously captured beasts. So you can create unique items that you can't find in any other way. To begin the process, go to the northwestern end of the location and interact with the Blood Altar (3).

In the newly opened window, find the recipe we were able to create (4), click on it and confirm the selection with the "Process" button (5). To make it easier to view recipes, you can use filtering (6) or hide all unavailable recipes (7).

When the ship is activated, all creatures contained in the recipe will appear on the stage. You must defeat them. When all the beasts have been killed, the battle will end-if the monster manages to kill the character, the whole process will be interrupted and the monster will be released, so you will have to grab them again to try to create the item again.

After the battle, interact with the altar again. In the window that opens, above the Craft button (8), a unique item will be created. Now, as long as you have the necessary items, just collect them for inventory and start the process again.

Items created as part of Beascrafting may not be of the highest quality, but you can find some useful recipes here, such as creating a unique vial (flask). Also, the level of the item depends on the level at which the monster was captured-so more valuable items can only be created when the Atlas system is unlocked. For an easier and more efficient gaming experience, Buy Path of Exile Currency, which will be very helpful for your game progress.

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