Path of Exile Patch 3.9.2b (1.35) detailed information

The Path of Exile has pushed the latest 3.9.2b patch. You can now download this update on All platforms. Here are the details of the updates brought to you by the excellent POE Currency vendors.

You will find that the Path of Exile patch 3.9.2b (1.35) has various console-specific changes and other improvements. Most notably, they have re-enabled the Convert Map button in the Map Hiding tab and improved performance related to tracking effects.

"Path of Exile" is a free-action and role-playing game that follows the "free play" mode, and provides us with a Diablo-like experience in which we must choose between character categories Then make it grow anywhere we want while facing enemies in the tribal game dungeon. Below, you will find some important patch notes about the Path of Exile patch 3.9.2b (1.35).

These changes are specific to the console and not the PC. They fixed some client crashes and improved performance everywhere.

Fixed an issue where using a sextant caused the client to crash in the path of exile.
Added the ability to create new instances of Tane Labs.
Improved performance of on-demand texture streaming systems. This should reduce the number of black squares displayed.

Other improvements

Below, you can see various improvements to the Path of Exile. Note that the developers of Grinding Gear Games have added additional mission information to Watchstones and some other fixes.

Re-enabled the Convert Map button in the Map Storage tab.
After a short delay, the monsters killed in Tarn Labs have now been removed.
Added additional quest information to be displayed when Watchdog drops.
Elder Guardians occupying the Shaper Guardian Map will now remove the corresponding Shaper Guardian Fragment of their Elder Guardian Fragment.
The map layer of the unique map of Vinktar Square is now determined by the lowest item level of the Agnerod rung used in the vendor's recipe.

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