Path of Exile: Delirium Launches and Players can play it now

Auckland, New Zealand-March 13, 2020-Grinding Gear Games celebrates Friday the 13th in the right way by releasing New Horror Content in Path of Exile: Delirium. As the latest expansion of the popular action RPG, Path of Exile: Delirium has been officially released. PlayStation and Xbox One users will get this extension next week, but at the same time, they can enjoy the action live on Twitch.

Path of Exile: Delirium ’s expansion adds deadly new enemies and magnifies existing enemies, creating great difficulty for the core battles of the Path of Exile. Delirium also introduced Cluster Jewels, which can further deepen character customization and unleash new power. You will encounter Deli's mirror in each area. Touching this mirror will turn your reality into a mist and your nightmares will appear before your eyes. In the delusion, existing monsters in the area gain new skills and spawn new Delirium monsters. The deeper you go into Delirium, the more lethal monsters you encounter become. The difficulty of the challenge has also increased accordingly. When you are unable to cope, you can go to for help and Buy POE Chaos Orb. The Path of Exile who is brave may be driven by the desire to take risks and pursue the attractive rewards provided by Delirium.

R delusion affects every encounter in the game, including the boss adding optional hard mode layers in all aspects of the battle on the Path of Exile. The rally is combined with all the league content that was integrated into the Path of Exile in the past, Such as invasions and breakthroughs, betrayal encounters, ambush safes. The Delirium extension introduces Cluster Jewels; one of the most significant improvements to character customization in Path of Exile. These jewels extend and customize the player's passive skill tree to provide unprecedented power and versatility.

The new Delirium Cluster Jewels enables you to dynamically expand your passive skill tree. Four new skills and three new auxiliary gems, including kinetic darts, a new physical damage wand skill, and Bladeblast, which can detonate blades created by other abilities. Thirteen new unique items, including a set of cosmetics and many new unique Orbs. Many improvements were made to the conquerors of the Atlas endgame. The Metamorph Challenge Alliance in December has been integrated into the core game content. Currently, the latest expansion is just the best time to enter the game. POE Items Buy on can help you quickly fill the gap and catch up or even surpass other players.

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