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Here is my Orange Linkia starfish doing well after several months in the tank. I have had some issues with them in the past, and thought I’d give another shot with one. You know the issue I’m sure; the necrosis/rot that happens at the leg tips so often. This tome it was just him and about 200 lbs of live rock and good water conditions (I’d say great, but there is always room for improvement). Here he is happily, and I might ad brainlessly, eating….something. I was quite happy at this guys obvious acclimation success, and further growth….until the unthinkable happened….I will explain as we move along here:


Underneath the rocks is a nicely placed SCWD (switching current wave device) to keep things from any dead spots. There is a Reef Octopus BH90 and other equipment, but that is on no concern here as I will explain; Powering the SCWD is a Mag drive 18 which works out great. That is until I forgot to put the black filter mesh back over the perforated cylinder after cleaning it up…what’s the worst that could happen? I imagine you can guess what happened in the picture below:










Yes, somehow the starfish crawled close enough to the intake filter so as to get his suck his backside (top) sucked onto it.  As you can see he did not move toward it and wrap around to feed to feed apparently, as it is not the “business end” that is stuck but rather his topside. and in the next shot finally free of it. If you click on freedom or look closely you can see some orange “shedding away”. The topside is much worse looking, very bad.

It is at this point that I must warn those with a weak stomach or heart  to turn away from the horrific image on your screen. However remember that starfish do not have a brain but rather a non-centralized nervous system, which somehow seems to serve them well in finding food, reproducing and generally seeming as if they have one. I have heard the expression “No Pain , No Gain”, here I am hoping it is “No Brain, No Pain”?

Now, it is a good there in no brain in there, because if this guy had a brain it would probably have been sucked out through his sorry excuse for a skull to protect it, along with all the starfish’s insides and goo shown below being vacuumed out (I warned you) . I would call this an N.D.E.(Near Death Experience), but without a brain to interpret it;  What a waste of what could have been some good solid  pseudo-scientific paranormal  after death experience first hand knowledge. But I digress…












The sinewy looking star of death, followed by the twisted carrot looking thing of the starfish would leave one with little hope of its survival. But I lost one before dammit, I wasn’t going to loose this one too! (with any luck…….And the days go by….Below you can see him about a week later emerging from under the rocks. Healing, eating, and climbing toward the surface still rather scarred but looking on the mend..Wow.














The healing process is complete now, the images are all click-able for higher res. You can see new tentacles have grown out from the tips of the damaged and half  lost legs below already, as well as the echinoderm’s topside is all healed up as well. Thrilled!










Here is a shot of the middle of the  “Box of Rocks” and the starfish today. The live rock he is on has just recently been cleaned up of purple macro-algae by my Tuxedo sea urchin, more on that later.










Thanks for stopping by again!



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