How Biometric device is useful for office and why it is required

How Biometric is useful for offices

Nowadays, everyone wants to avoid paperwork and keeping records of employee attendance. So, Biometrics is used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance. Biometric T&A systems are the best biometric device

As it is designed keeping in mind the factors and features related to the corporate world as the device keeps track of employees' working hours and overtime hours and keeps control of employee’s punctuality towards their work.

Biometric is more than fingerprints because it is not limited to fingerprint, it also recognizes the voice, iris, face and more as these devices are highly complex and it is

Not possible for one person to clock in as another.

Biometric T&A systems help in reducing human resources costs, easy wage calculation and human resources management. Each Biometric T&A system offers business management solutions suitable for all types and sizes of business.

Applications of Biometric T&A systems:

  • Working hour management.
  • Overtime work management
  • Multi-shift management
  • Management of various work rules

           Brihaspathi Technologies' Biometric T&A systems feature:

  • Maintenance of attendance records based on fingerprints means to prevent impersonation and 


  • Provide the record of staff attendance equally, correctly and promptly.
  • Handle T&A data from the central office/HQ that is sourced by TCP/IP-based Internet 

           network or GPRS.

  • Prompt management of employee shifts on a weekly basis, rotation shifts, etc.

Why Bio-Metric is required?

As technology is evolving day by day and the usage of Information Technology in the field of Science, industries, offices and educational institutions, etc... There is an extreme need to protect the systems and database from intruders and unauthorized users and every time when a person unlock a smartphone screen with facial recognition or login to your bank account using your fingerprint, you are using Bio-metric. So, you should use this technology every day to authenticate your identity and communicate with your device but there are also other uses of bio-metric.

**** Protect your data, transactions and passwords with Bio-Metric ****

“Biometric in one answer -- A simple wave of the hand by pressing on the scanner with the finger or by looking at the camera for a second is more than enough to authenticate our identity”

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