Help with yellow tang agression

I have a yellow tang and a sailfin that have been in my tank for about 10 months and I just put in a purple tang and the yellow tang is being a jerk they go at it. I killed the lights and have them seperated with eggcrate and they are not trying to go through it as much, I remove it a few hours at a time and they are doing better but I'm still worried, and I will trade out the yellow tang if it dosn't get better. Is there anything else I can try?

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Comment by Josh on March 25, 2015 at 11:57am
Yellows and purples are some of the most aggressive tangs, also they are the in the same body group as each other which may increase aggression. Not a great idea unless there is plenty of room in you tank or putting them in at the same time, or getting a different tang in a separate body group. I have a hippo, purple, and a bristle tooth tomini in the same tank, and absolutely no aggression. It's all about timing and tank size. Hope this helps!
Comment by Doel on May 19, 2014 at 6:05pm
I built a divider with egg crate and they are fighting less & less I let them have some play time with adult supervision and when it gets out of hand they get seperated by the divider I will keep this up for a few weeks and see how it goes.
Comment by Haloist on May 19, 2014 at 1:51pm
Tangs tend to be aggressive towards new introduced fishes since they've already established their territories. So, whenever I introduce a new fish into the tank with other aggressive fishes, I usually rearrange the rocks to confuse them.
Comment by Clarence Ford on May 19, 2014 at 11:38am
I had this problem. The Yellow Tang and the Sailfin are established in that system, so once you introduced the Purple Tang, the Yellow Tang's aggression probably went up. The two Tangs are similar in shape and maybe size. Tangs are very aggressive towards theirs own.
You can try putting more seaweed sheets in to preoccupy the Tangs and ease aggression.
My end result was to get rid of my Sailfin. The tang's color was so much more bright and prolific.
Comment by Carlson Moncrief on May 19, 2014 at 11:34am
I have always been told that yellow tangs are a lot like damsels. If you don't want to take the yellow back, I would probably try putting it in a different tank for a few weeks until he gets used to it, and then introducing him to the sail fin again. Hopefully, the sail fin will feel more like the boss of the tank by then. If that doesn't work you could try getting a mimic yellow tang to replace it. There just as beautiful but they lack the aggresseiveness.

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