Fresh New Face for Aquarium I.D. The Ever Evolving Marine App.Ver. 3.3

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As of May 15th 2013, gone will be the familiar and colorful Mandarin Goby (Dragonet) Icon of the Aquarium I.D. App that we have all come to know and love:


It is being replaced in Version 3.3 to a new icon meant to appeal to a wider audience, and to give a better sense from the get-go that this is a saltwater only app. The change in the icon will hopefully be more familiar to the masses,  drawing more younger folks into the hobby as well as helping educate and assist the serious reefer.


       Aquarium I.D.    


This amazing saltwater  app is constantly evolving and getting better with every version; with new features and better graphics. Here are a few highlights of the new release:

  • As mentioned above higher quality images, 200+ more of them in this release!
  • Expanded Global Search Feature- searches species, guide, videos, and more. rather than just searching  the species database.
  • LSF (local fish store) Locator, with address, phone and numbers
  • GPS Navigation Capabilities
  • More How-To and D.I.Y. Videos
  • Better Navigation through the Social Networking tab via
  • Aquarium I.D. Facebook Tab for networking and News.
  • Improved “Share” tab feature to upload/share your photos (with a short description if you wish).
  • A new Calculator that will surprise you with respect to it’s usefulness
  • A new Converter which comes in quite handy
  • A Calendar and maintenance scheduler /record keeper
  • A new “what’s in my Tank” feature to keep track of livestock and equipment
  • Oh yes, and most importantly of course, the new kinder. gentler and friendlier Icon and Logo (watch for this change in the New Ver. 3.3).

Here is our latest Promo Video

If you are new to fish tanks, are looking for fish tanks or reef tanks for sale, or are just curious about saltwater aquariums, this app will answer it all. It talks all about aquarium pumps, led aquarium lighting, saltwater fish tank kits, reef tanks for sale and more through our shopping tabs.

If you want to know what are saltwater reef coral or corals, and learn about them, or just want to know what are good aquarium fish to get for your tank, where to get cheap corals, who has corals and fish for sale you will find it here along with endless info on the aquarium and fish. Whether you have a fish tank aquarium or reef tank, the info here is invaluable.

You can also research all about saltwater aquarium pumps, saltwater aquarium lighting, led reef lighting, marine aquariums, sump pumps, learn what is a sump?

Research about fishes like about clownfish (like the Nemo anemone fish), or clown fish anemones, the blue tang, yellow tang, the goby fishes – the list is endless.

Invertebrates are also very well covered of course. These are things like shrimps, anemones, clams, conchs, crabs, sea cucumbers, lobsters, feather dusters, starfish snails, sponges and sea urchins. Some of these invertebrates are of course echinoderms and worms and such, but they are not fish or corals so we lump them under inverts rather than have an Echinoderm tab.

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These are most of the major changes in the May 15th Ver. 3.3 release. Many Team man hours have gone in to this release. We hope you love it as much as we do!


Greg Watkins of Saltwater Eddies LLC, Thang Tran of PandaLilly apps Inc.,  and  the Aquarium I.D. Production Team.



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