Fiddler Crab Care (Keeping Fiddler Crabs as Pets)


Fiddler Crabs Care:


Brackish Water - Fiddler Crab


Common Name: Fiddler Crab, Calling Crab

Scientific Name: Uca pugnax

Maximum Size: 1-2 inches

Origin: Coastal Regions (commonly caught along Florida's coast)

Habitat: Semi-Terrestial, Brackish Water, Muddy & Sandy Terrain with Some Rocks

Specific Gravity (S.G.): 1.005-1.010

Temperature: 75-85 F

Lifespan: 1-2 Years

Social Traits: Found in Groups and Colonies

Special Requirements: Needs access to air (provide a place where it can come out of the water), Brackish Water, Provide Hiding Places

Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gallons Per Fiddler Crab

Diet: Crab food, Shrimp Pellets, Detritus, Algae, Leftover Food (in the wild, they're scavengers)

Breeding Habits: In the wild, they breed in the deep ocean waters.  In captivity, it is extremely hard to breed.

Signs of Good Health: Regular Molting and Growth



The fiddler crab is often marketed as a freshwater crab in most pet stores.  This is utmost untrue!  They can survive in freshwater, but will eventually stress and die.  To thrive, they must be in brackish water with a specific gravity between 1.005 and 1.010.  I would suggest getting a refractometer or a hydrometer to check the salinity of your water.  DO NOT use table salt for your fiddler crab.  You must buy aquarium ocean salt from your local pet store for the salt mix.  Another thing to keep in mind is that fiddler crabs need land too.  When scaping your terrain for your fiddler crabs, create a slope with part of the sand out of the water for the crab.


Special Notes About Fiddler Crab

+ Males have one big claw and one small claw (the big one is to show off)

+ Females have two small claws

+ Fiddlers are semi-terrestial and they live in brackish water

+ Fiddler Crabs molt about every 8 weeks

+ Fiddler Crabs may lose their big claw and will regrow on the OPPOSITE side while molting

+ Fiddler Crabs can eat their molt, in fact, it's good for them! (if they do not eat it in a week, dispose of the molt)



If you have a fiddler crab, post a picture of him or her on!  We would LOVE to see your fiddler!  :D



Happy Fiddling, Fiddler Crab!  :)

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