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With the latest release of Aquarium I.D. comes another plethora of livestock data (Fish, Corals and Inverts). If you have already purchased the Pro version in the past the update will of course be free. If you haven’t yet downloaded either the LITE (or FREE) version or the PRO version of the Aquarium I.D. App, this would be a good time to do so.

It is now compatible with the new (and older) iPhones, iPads, Androids, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8 Phone and Nexus. Any more requests, please? Most tablets are also covered and compatibility is almost complete on all devices, and 20 languages.

In this latest release we have many new species of aquarium marine life with accompanying write-ups, pictures, descriptions, origin, care and even a compatibility chart. This list is an ever-growing database, with options for the Hobbyist to submit their photos for credit when used as a new photo (more on this later).

The number of species is getting quite large, however this is not the only strength of the App. Moving beyond the species tab, there is so much to explore, see, use, watch, interact with and learn from.

Lets Begin by having a  look at the new layout, and some of the features Tab by Tab:


Here is the opening screen and; the “Species” Tab:

Species Tab

Species Tab


Here is where the app opens up, in the “SPECIES” tab.  As you can see it is broken down into 3 main categories; Fish, Inverts and Coral:








Each of these subsections presents a plethora of life accompanied with High Quality images, descriptions and care sheets for the creature. Over 500 commonly sought after marine creature for home tanks and aquariums. This list is constantly growing with the release of each (free) update. There are some stunning photos of species here, and it is fun to just “browse” the catalog sometimes. I find myself doing that a lot when thinking of making an addition to my reef tank.

As you can see there is also a Search function here as well. Here, rather than alphabetically browse through the aesthetically pleasing lists, you may simply search for the exact species or topic you wish and go directly t to it’s info page.

Some of the species do not have their associated HQ images yet to go with their description page, as we are building the graphics catalog constantly. Which brings up another point to touch on about the “Share Tab” (to be mentioned in a moment). When you share your pictures on the Facebook Wall, we may contact you about permissions and credits if it happened to be one we could use in the app for a missing “species” HQ photo.

This part of the app is useful to everyone; whether you are a snorkeler, a fish/sea or nature enthusiast, are visiting a public aquarium, are a reef tank or saltwater hobbyist or are just interested in a fish you saw (or see) at a local fish store or restaurant. There are many reasons to give this app a look! The app is also very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use and navigate. Everyone can appreciate this Species tab part of the app for many reasons. There is also a compatibility chart for aquarists that is quite handy:

COMPATIBILITY CHART (best viewed real time):

Compatability Chart



Here is the next tab, the Socialize tabSocialize

This is where people can interact via the online web forum “MeetReef”. is an ever-growing website for like minded marine hobbyists and professionals alike. This site is also located from your home computers at The  “Socialize Tab” shows the most recent activity on, and gives you some options to Like, Comment, post, reply, say hello, ask questions, share pictures, etc.. A very nice place to land for a saltwater networking site.  Here there is the main forum, a newsroom, blogs, groups , videos, events and even a bookshop.

The Meet Reef Mission Statement:

“The primary social network connecting everyone interested in anything aquatic: fish, corals, plants, reef, saltwater, and freshwater!

Meet and Connect with other hobbyists, aquarists, marine biologists, and professionals in the industry!

FREE Membership, LOTS of Benefits!  Join Now!”

If you are familiar with 3Reef at all you will be quite comfortable here, and certainly welcomed! If not, just chime in and a question or 2. The forum is full of hobbyists and professionals alike. This is one site where if the someone doesn’t know the answer, they won’t give you one anyway. Lots of great folks here on You can field questions, ask about equipment, sell your stuff, post and read blogs, create tour own “Group” or join another and so much more. Great people there.




Of course, when building a Social app , one must include a “Facebook Wall” to visit as well; so we have included the slick Aquarium I.D. Facebook “Wall”:

This is a really cool Facebook page with over 27,000 likes so far at the time of writing.. Here is where you will find your uploaded photos from the “Share” feature Tab (more on that in a moment). You may “Like” the page from here (if you please), leave comments on your photos and those of others, share,  and of course this is another great social avenue for discussion and postings from all our Aquarium ID users.

Aquarium ID Facebook Wall

Aquarium ID Facebook Wall

About the “Share Tab”, I would include a screenshot of it, but we are getting kind of full of graphics on this blog here which will slow down it’s loading., and an explanation will certainly do here without a picture, as it is more of a function than a part of the app to stay on for long. When your first navigate to the Share Tab, it opens up the camera on your smart phone or device to take a picture for sharing. After you take a picture, it will show up in a “queue” to be shared at your discretion if you select it and click share. Up to the Aquarium ID Facebook page it goes to be shared with others and to comment on.

If it is your intention not to take a picture, but rather to share a picture from your camera or device photo gallery, one that you have taken at another time, simply back out of the camera where you are initially taken to by the tab. Then press the picture frame in the upper right of your screen. That will take you to your devices “gallery” where you can select an image or images for sharing. When done you will see your selections in the queue list. To share, press the arrow at the upper right of the screen, it will ask how you want to share. Choose your “email” program and it will go automatically to the right place through Aquarium ID. To delete an image from the queue before sending the rest, just touch it.

That’s about it for the share button. Much better to explain it than show a picture as it is the only non-self explanatory part of the app really. The net tab to talk about here is the Guide Tab. This part of the app is extremely beefy, feature loaded, and deserves a blog of it’s own. I am afraid if I were to include that last tab here, this blog would take too long to load and people may get frustrated waiting. Therefore, I shall devote my next blog to talking about the Guide Tab and simply leave you with a screen shot and pick up the blog in a Pat 2  to pick up here where we left off.


Thank you for viewing and reading today…Stay tuned for PT 2 : the Guide.






Stay Tuned….Greg

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