Latest trend in reef tanks: The Aquarium ID app


Outstanding, the latest new release of the Aquarium I.D. app is now available! I’ll definitely be blogging about this one for sure very soon. Seriously, if you have not yet checked this app out, you really should. After all, it is free for the LITE version, and it is so much more than just an encyclopedia of beautiful pictures fish loaded with info on them. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work that went in to creating this app, and all that it can do besides the obvious; Tell you all about Saltwater Fish!

I shall be working on a new blog highlighting some of its awesomeness shortly, such as its interactive tools, GPS integration, personal data charts, colanders, videos, converters, compatibility charts, and much more. Until then, just go get it and give it a look. Spend some time with it. Learn it. It is deeper than one would think at first glance.

Please come back and visit my blog soon, I’ll post when it is up. -Greg


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