Animal Crossing cherry blossom farmers are making bank right now

Animal crossing: The cherry blossom season of New Horizons is very short, only ten days. During this time, many players are unable to find all the attached DIY recipes. Players can spend time traveling, so they don't have to wait for nearly a year to get another chance. But there is another option. You just need to be willing to give up.

Nookazon, a leading animal crossing market, launched the "Auction" feature in early May, allowing players to bid on items of interest. A Nookazon representative told Polygon that the largest auction on the site so far is a bundle of 100 cherry blossom petals. Initially released with 10,000 Animal Crossing Bells, the auction ended with 2.8 million bell bids.

Although this price point is high, it is reasonable. Most players are no longer in early spring, which means that there are very few items belonging to the season, so they can be sold at a high price. Anyone with a vision can stock seasonal production materials without having to exhaust them, and now they can be sold for huge profits. A broader pricing trend two days ago showed that a single petal reached the highest price of 40,000 bells-although Nookazon listed an "average" price of 25,000.

When we look at the price of DIY recipes using these flowers, things get even crazier. According to Nookazon, these items themselves usually cost about 100,000 bells each, but the ability to permanently manufacture such items is valuable. For example, the price listed on the Cherry-Blossom Branches DIY recipe by a trusted seller on the platform is currently 8 million bells plus 80 Nook Miles tickets. Prices will vary based on the flowering-related recipes we looked at, but overall, they are not cheap-you may reduce dozens of Nook Miles tickets or millions of bells.

These prices are staggering, but in general, flowering is not difficult, they will fall from the sky in the game. The upcoming seasonal materials will not work properly. Oaks and pine cones will be obtained by shaking the trees. These acorns and pine cones will be provided to people in the northern hemisphere in the coming seasons. In most cases, shaking a tree will give you a wooden stick (or perhaps a bumblebee) instead of handmade materials. According to our tests, obtaining the necessary materials for such seasonal recipes is very troubling. Shake the tree half of the time can not get what you want.

These items are only available to you when you travel or in the southern hemisphere, which means that the animal crossing economy has not yet fully relied on the value of these seasonal items. But now, you can choose ACNH Buy Bells on IGGM to get what you need.

It is likely that there will be two types of Animal Crossing players. Some of us will collect and make fun in our own games or with friends. Others will collect seasonal goods and recipes until they are no longer available, so that they can turn them into millions of dollars on the market when supply is insufficient. We have seen this gap happening. What if you do n’t manage to collect or make what you want before the season ends? Be prepared to throw away millions of tickets. If not, go and grind those Nook Miles tickets.

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