Amazon Starts Online Pet Store, Review


According to Aquanerd and Tech Crunch, Amazon has started an online store dedicated to pets called  The store is still in its beta stages, but it already sports a huge selection of products.  Just like Amazon's shipping deal, you get free shipping on orders over $49!  Their interface is user friendly enabling easy navigation for old timers and newcomers.  For us fish lovers, they've also included a section for fishes. The fish section is currently divided into four categories: everyday essentials, top sellers, brands, and ways to shop.  The categories can definitely be improved.


Ways to Improve

1) For fish categories, sort it according to types of aqua hobbies. i.e. saltwater, freshwater, brackish

2) Add livestock section

3) Add care sheets or something similar for various fishes

4) Recommendations based on sales

5) Recommendations based on fish


5 reasons to shop at

1) Huge selection. Thousands of products.

2) Free Shipping.  On any order over $49.

3) Incredibly Fast Delivery. Get your goodies within 2 days.

4) Shared Shopping Cart. with and

5) No More Trips to the Store.  Convenience at a click.




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