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The Rare Sunset Wrasse (Bodianus sanguines) Arrives in the Heartland!


Well it looks like our newest local fish store, Nebraska Aquatic Supply, is going to start off with a bang featuring a pair of the rare Sunset Wrasse (Bodianus sanguines)!  The Bodianus sanguines wrasses are beautiful, deepwater fish.  To catch these fish divers have to use re-breathers to get down to 400ft!  With that kind of risk involved you can be sure these won't be cheap to buy.  If you can't make it down to…


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1500g Tank Build at Iowa LFS


(*Note: I actually wrote this back in June, but with MACNA right around the corner in Des Moines I thought it would be interesting for people visiting the lfs while in town to see this tank and compare how much progress they have made on it)

Since I traveled to Des Moines today I decided to check out one of the local fish stores, Iowa Pet Foods & Seascapes.  While I was there I saw that they were in the…


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Fish Collector Pleads Guilty to Collecting Rare Clipperton Angelfish

clipperton angelfish

Even though we, the hobbiests, are a little more educated about the collection of fish the general public really isn't.  The general public sometimes gets their information from the same people who dispise keeping fish in aquariums and stirve to shut down the collection of reef fish.  So when someone gives these activists more ammo to bash our hobby I get a little steamed.  Such is the case of Steven Robinson.  Robinson, a tropical fish dealer in Hayward, has just plead…


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Fiddler Crab Care (Keeping Fiddler Crabs as Pets)


Fiddler Crabs Care:


Brackish Water - Fiddler Crab


Common Name: Fiddler Crab, Calling Crab

Scientific Name: Uca pugnax

Maximum Size: 1-2 inches



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Anthelia, my Enemy to the End!

I remember back when I first started this hobby any coral that I could keep alive and grow was a cool coral.  I would buy these corals and just love the fact that I had real corals growing in my tank!  Now that I'm a little wiser I know there are some corals that just create problems.  Some are very invasive, fast growing (in a bad way) and some like to fight with their…


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Emperor Angelfish is all grown up!

One of the coolest things about some of the angelfish is how dramatically they change from juvenile colors to adult colors.  Even though angelfish can be coral eaters I've always wanted an emperor angelfish.  To me an emperor just says reef.  Several months after I got my emperor I took this photo:

As you can see by the time I took the photo he was already developing…


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Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

AMAZING Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium

Ever seen jellyfish at your local aquarium and thought to yourself, "Man, those jellyfish are so cool, I'd love to have them as pets!"  Well, now you…


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The Tunze Response Video

Since I'm new to this site I thought I would test out the blogging feature by copying a short one I did on my site :).  As some of you may know a couple of of weeks ago a group of aquarium gurus published a study measuring the flow of propeller…


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