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Now that you’ve joined MeetReef and set up an account, it’s time to get active and get to know people like you. Some helpful links include The Reef Scene; Find Your Forum; and LFS LookUp.

We’re Global. – The MeetReef community network is compatible with over 20 languages, including Japanese, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. So we can suit your needs no matter what country you’re in.

Home Page. – The home page features all you and your friends’ updates and news. This includes RSS feeds from blogs and online magazines, individual users’ posts or blog posts, replies to such blogs, comments, status updates, etc., etc. On this page you may also find information about upcoming events, user login information, current members, active or not, MeetReef.com “groups”, and even two navigation menus for the entire website. These two menus can be found located at top below the website banner, and at the right side bar, near the middle-bottom of the page.

RSS Feeds and Capabilities. - We now have RSS capabilities and can receive constant updates from the most cutting-edge blogs and online magazines. This can be seen now at the right side bar of this page. You can also add RSS to your profile, which can be found near the bottom left of your page by default. To relocate your RSS feed(s), click and drag to anywhere else on your page.


My Reef Profile. – Reef Profiles are what we call a user’s individual profile. This page is split into two main parts. These two parts include, “About Me/What’s New?” and also “The Reef Scene.” More information about these features can be found below. Your individual reef profile also includes your avatar/profile photo; status updates, your current groups and events.

The Reef Scene. – This features a compilation of photo albums depicting a user’s aquarium(s). These albums will link to a build thread located on the user’s local forum, or other forum of choice. To access this tab, go to MY REEF PROFILE, and then scroll down to THE REEF SCENE. From here you can add all the images you want. [THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

My Groups. – Members can join groups of interest. This may include members of a certain forum, club, or activity. Use our search tool in the upper right corner of your screen (above the banner) to search for other groups and members. You may also use the GROUPS page to view all current groups.

My Friends. – Friends and other contacts can easily be seen and contacted from this page, by selecting the desired member’s profile, or you can communicate with that person through IM/instant messaging.

My Events. A calendar can be seen in this tab to include and show events which the user has attended or does plan to attend. These events can be updated at any time up-to or on the day of the event. Badges may be collected for each major event, such as frag swaps, expos, and/or conferences.

It’s your account. - Share how much you want, with who you want. User profile privacy settings can be activated or changed through your account settings at any time.


Photo & Video Media Sharing. - Upload your personal images from your desktop or Flickr. Click “add photo/video” and select the desired media. If you wish to upload from Flickr, just log in and do the same. You may also link to and embed videos in a status update. Paste the video URL or embed code and hit post. We’ll take care of the rest.


Live IM. – Chat with friends in your network, individually or in a group. It’s easy, and can be as private or open as you want.

Community Chat Bar. – The chat bar is meant for conversation with other users. While this is instant, it is not a private message and not meant to be used as such. Everyone in the MeetReef community can see this.

Inbox. - Using your inbox, you can send and receive private messages to and from friends or other users of the MeetReef Network. Click "+Compose", choose your audience, and type away. Alternatively, you can send messages by selecting "Send Message" beneath a user's profile image on their reef profile. The inbox is also where we will send all major information about updates to the MeetReef Network and/or possible issues with your user profile/account.


LFS LookUp. – Search for the nearest aquarium stores within your area. Enter your zip code and select a distance range. Choose from stores around the country. Users can rate stores, write reviews, and/or link to individual store sites from MeetReef. [THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Find Your Forum. – A list of local forums in order, alphabetically, or by location (zip code or city look-up) can be found under the FORUMS tab. You can search for forums (and link to them) or request for new ones to be added to our directory. [THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

Hobbyists in Your Area. – This useful tool collects data of user profile locations. When new members join the network, their city/town location is saved, in order to be later found in our database of other hobbyists/individuals. Users are out out by default, but must opt-in if they wish to use/be included in the member map. You may at any time later opt-out of this feature if you no longer wish to share their location with others. [THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


Bookshop by MeetReef  – The Bookshop holds many suggested readings for new, intermediate, and experienced hobbyists. These include beginner guides, reference books and encyclopedias, for the freshwater/saltwater aquarium hobby, as well as general marine biology textbooks.

In the store, you can also find MeetReef.com apparel. For just $10 you can buy your own T-Shirt and support the aquatic community. Pick one of two print designs, available in S, M, L, and XL sizes. [THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION]


Support Your Community. – Show your support and spread the word about MeetReef by adding a custom MeetReef.com badge to your website. You can pick the color combination and choose whether to include profile photos of current users in your badge. It’s free and easy. Simply copy and paste the selected text into a text box on your site.

Invite Your Friends. – You can import contacts or send a friend an invitation from your email address, asking others to join you on meetReef.com as well.


We appreciate you joining the MeetReef social community and hope you enjoy your stay. For questions, concerns or suggestions about our user interface or user control settings, please post a reply to the discussion MeetReef Bugs, Updates and Suggestions, or send us a message at MeetReef@gmail.com.



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