I am curious as to what people are using for lighting on their nano tanks. I was asked a question about an LED 12 spot light, and whether it would be adequate for a nano tank with corals.
The short answer is yes. but I went on to ask what kind of corals, SPS etc.
I upgraded from a7 spot to a 12 spot "box of rocks" live rock tank I was holding all my live rock in for my next set up. since there is Yuma recordia and bird nest coral and other stuff coming out of the rocks I got the LED spots.
7 spot okay, 12 spot holy crap!

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oh yes I forgot to mention they are the Aqua Medic LED spots. big bang for the buck if you're not into getting a big 600 dollar Module!
we have them on sale at saltwater eddies if you care to have a look.

On my 14g Biocube I have Rapidled Upgrade kit 12led and on my 5g EcoPico I have 9led

Very nice! I have a part 38 12 LED spot also on a live rock tank where I have a bird nest or 2 coming out of my old live rock. These are just rated at 90 Lum/Watt, but I certainly super bright. Love LED lighting.

Yes LED's are the best


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