I'm sorry but I must update everybody on my videos of my bubble tip anemone and clownfish. I have come to the conclusion that the anatomy did not eat the clowns. the baby clowns were aroused to Jeff and probably stung to my on scene I buy my 6 line wrasse. I have come to this conclusion as I bought another clown. 1 that could fight back, and big enough not to be eaten by anemone.
after acclimating and putting my new tomato clown into my tank it went right into the in a minute and was home.
within a few hours, I saw my little 6 line wrasse begin to hassle him like it was the thing to do. that he was used to it. needless to say the tomato clown fought back and held its ground, and is now alpha however not aggressive towards the wrass.
I will update with my videos, comments and such shortly

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