A lot of time newcomers to the saltwater hobby often lose a lot of money and livestock by not knowing where or how to start!  The saltwater hobby can be very fun and rewarding if done right!  Your salty pets will also be very thankful for that too.  :)


My Advice for Newcomers to the Saltwater & Reef Hobby:

1) Research, Research, Research

2) Water Changes is Key to a Successful Tank (30% Partial Water Changes Weekly or Biweekly)

3) Stable Ideal Water Parameters is vital

4) Always cycle your tank before adding any livestock!

5) Check for livestock compatibility instead of just tossing them in

6) Acclimate your livestock before putting them into the tank

7) A Quarantine Tank is a good idea to keep your display tank free from unwanted diseases!

8) Did I mention research?  Research, Research, Research.

9) If you have any questions or emergencies, I would recommend joining a knowledgeable and helpful forum like www.3Reef.com for quick & valuable assistance!  Forums are a great way to share your experiences with other hobbyists while making sure your tank is in peak condition with the help of others!


Do you have any valuable advices for newcomers??  If you do, you can post them here!



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