Is it possible for torch corals to be eaten by copepods?  My torch fell out of its skeletal shell and I see a bunch of copepods crawling out.  Is this normal?  I'm thinking it's probably because the copepods irritated it from the inside and made it slowly detach it from the base?

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ive never heard of copepods eating torches, but there are certain copepods that can irritate corals, maybe you have those?  what are your water parameters like?

I have to say Ive never heard of that happening.

Im tagging along though...

I'm thinking they are there only because it has started it's demise. They are known to possibly irritate corals, but only eat them once it's dead.

I dont think copepods can eat coral. What probably happend is the coral died and the pods came to eat the decaying tissue.

yeah, that's probably what happened.  :(

I've never heard of that before. Can we get a photo of the coral?


Unless you actually saw it happening, I would be willing to bet the copepods got to the scene after the coral receded from its skeleton.

I agree. I would guess that the pods were only there to clean up the decaying tissue. Sorry for the loss of the torch, but its very interesting to see the clean up crew go to work like that in my opinion.


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