Snail Top Off System

Aquarium Top Off for Reefs, Fish Only and Planted tanks.

When water evaporates, let the Snail replenish. 

Snail is equipped with micro electronics to optically detect water level changes and start the replenishing operation.

Status is display by the changing colors.

  • Green = Water Level
  • Flashing Blue = Water Level Low, Pump On
  • Flashing Red = Error, Check supply bucket

Time Out protection to prevent overflowing.

This is not a simple relay, the Snail Top Off uses a software program running on a processor to determine the status of the water level.  If any error conditions are detected the system will disable the pump and flash red.  The Snail Top Off can be customized to your tank.  Small tank? Big tank?(Contact me for more info) The default based on 3 ft from top of tank to supply pump is 0.25 gallons.  This means if something goes wrong the maximum that will be pumped into tank before reporting error is a 1/4 of a gallon. 

All connectors high quality harsh environment automotive connectors to eliminate salt from getting to contacts, they will not corrode and get all nasty.  Cable entry into the case is protected with sealed fitting to prevent moisture and salt from creeping in.

The case is made from extruded aluminum and is anodized for environmental protection.  The case also has rubber bumpers to protect the control unit and seal out moisture and salt.  See picture for which color is being offered in this auction.  Red, Sliver, Blue and Black are available shoot me an email.

Sensors and Pumps are interchangeable.  A solenoid option for RO water will be available shortly.  Everything for the system unplugs and can only be plugged in the correct way.

What's included

  • Snail Top Off Controller, (The Black Box)
  • Mutant Snail, (The Sensor)
  • Pump with water line and top tank fill tube 
  • Everything needed is supplied except for a bucket and water.

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I have added an option to switch use any pump with the Snail Top Off.
wow, nice!
Thank You :)

Email me at  I have a few questions about this product.  


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