Here is a cool floor lamp for up to 5 LED spot lights. Can run 2, 3 or all 5 at once:
1 click turns on 2 bulbs, 2 clicks turns on 3 bulbs, and 3 clicks turns on all 5.

A great solution for nano tanks to medium sized saltwater reef aquariums, or anywhere you want to spot light your corals and invertebrates. Each receptacle can accommodate up to a 40W bulb. These lamps are a perfect match for the 3 and 7W LED Aqua Medic AquaSunSpot LED spot lamps. For most 3W LED Spots, an E6-E7 type screw in adapter is required to screw them in the standard sockets. The 7 spot and 12 spot work fine.

  • Durable construction with heavy weighted floor base for stability
  • 5 Flexible Arms to insure complete coverage.
  • Includes 4-Way Light Switch for running 2, 3 or all 5 bulbs (or off)
  • Utilizes up to 5-40W bulbs per receptacle, 7W LED's are recommended.
  • Also can run 13W Compact Fluorescent (for UV!)
  • Perfect for LED and 13W UV CFL Lighting combination's too.
  • Shipping weight 20 lbs.

  • The 12-spot lamps and the Orpheks are too heavy for the flexible arms without extra support or anchoring. It will hold 5 x 7 spot LED with no issues. A great combo is 3 x 7W + 2 x 3 W with MR16 to E7 adapters.

    Can also use a maximum of 5 x 40W standard Incandescent or 5 x 13W CFL (compact fluorescent).

    A tank mounted clip/clamp on model will be coming out soon!

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