Ive been going through a divorce this month so Ive been a little preoccupied and haven't been as "on it" as I usually am with my reef.Well somehow my feeding timer that disables my return pump on my reef controller became un-programmed and I haven't reprogrammed it yet so Ive been manually shutting down the return pump at feeding time.Well last night I forgot to turn the return pump back on....THANK GOODNESS BECAUSE....somehow my auto-top off valve came loose from the side of the sump and dumped my whole container of RO water and KALK into my sump...had I remembered to turn on my return pump it would have sent all that into the main display and killed my entire tank.My pH probe in the sump was reading 9.4....I placed the probe into the display and it still read 8.1 as normal....WHEW!!!....So I drained the two sump chambers that were affected (luckily since the return was off none off the water made it into my refugium either) and replaced it with 15 gallons of saltwater I had mixed for a water change today...

Lucky Lucky boy :)

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Yeah Its probably the best thing to happen to me although it doesnt feel like it somedays...About 4 months ago stuff started coming up missing around the house..needless to say it wasnt walking away on its own.I offered treatment and she decided to to make me a single parent...luckily my boys are 17 and 18....19 yrs down the drain.Oh well I still got my fish (and both my sons) :)
Although if i had cashed my reef I might have lost control , lol.


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