Hey Guys,

  Here are some of MeetReef's Upcoming Plans & Updates:




+ Daily Videos  (interesting videos!)

+ Fish of the Week

+ Suds and Buds Comic Updates

+ 3Reef Sponsor Banner (we're getting MeetReef prepared for 3Reef's announcment)

+ Donations Page

+ Sponsors Page

+ LFS Directory (work in progress)

+ Guide

+ Links

+ How-to-Use MeetReef Video

+ Contests

+ Front Page Tweakings

+ Getting the Word Out

+ Winners

+ Admin Page



Recent Updates:


+ Chat

+ My Page Layout Edit (You can change your My Page Layout!)

+ Front Page Tweaks



Stay Tuned! :)

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I'm planning to add an admin page too to recognize all the admins on MeetReef! So, I'll ask you guys (admins) for a short bio & pic soon! :)

All this sounds great. I can't wait! :D Thanks for all your work.

sounds great! can't wait for the updates, keep up the great work! If any help is needed feel free to ask :)


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