The thread over on 3reef forum was getting pretty long; Matt suggested we bring it over here.


This thread will be for any suggestions or recommendations for possible updates you would like to see. If you are seeing any technical difficulties, please post them here as well.

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I've got a suggestion, is there a way to add a "new" indicator on new forum posts?  Sometimes when I log in its hard to find new stuff after leaving the home page.
Chat is now displayed on bottom bar for easy access and less clutter! :)

Hey, yeah, when you click on the image button, there's a tab on the top that says "From a URL", click that, and you can paste your Photobucket link there!  :)


reefer_smitty said:

Would there be a way to post pics directly from photobucket like we do on
Possibility of adding tapatalk enabled access :D

I'd second that!  I use tapatalk all the time.

Whippy said:

Possibility of adding tapatalk enabled access :D

hey guys, I'll see if I can integrate Tapatalk.  Also, I've been delaying updates so I can release them all at once.  Not sure when yet, but I'll let you guys know.  :)


I wish I had Tapatalk installed on my phone. :P I can't wait to see what we have for new updates!

Kick-starting MeetReef

We have a few issues with MeetReef I would like to address. The site is going on a year or so old, and we don't have a whole lot of members - 150 or so, and just a handful are active. To tell you the truth, I'm not that active on here. I don't post as often as I used to because people don't see it. We need some creative and effective ways to get attention - from current members, future/new members, companies, and potential sponsors.

Getting new members...

We need IM box for members. I feel an IM box livens up the atmosphere of a user's experience and allows it to become a more personal feeling. Being able to chat back and forth, live, with other hobbyists will be  a great way to meet new people and get quick answers to problems, or even just general chat. We do have (I think) an open chat box that everyone can use, but a private IM would be greatly accepted by many.

We need RSS feed capabilities and we need sponsors. I feel these two go hand-in hand. As some of you may know, I write for Marine Engineers, a still rather new aquarium blog for our hobby/beloved addiction. Michael Rice and I had a short discussion just today about some of the reasons he uses Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc, but not us. RSS feeds was one major reason. Writing a blog post and then linking to it on one or two social networks is fine. But having to do the same for 6, 7, or even 8 networks is tedious, and can easily get out of hand. Using RSS feeds allows us to post an article from the blog and it will automatically update all networks to post the article in a status update to the profiles which we have accounts for (ie those mentioned above). That RSS feed button you see at the top of the page? Almost every website has that. But not us. I'm not sure how much it would cost or if it would cost anything at all to integrate this into MeetReef, but it could become a wonderful tool, and as Mike Rice said, "I know it would get me and all the other big sites who see it on board."

I saw a posting on the home page today about a free sponsorship. Is this for a set period of time? Mike would like to trade sponsorships with rather than just taking a free one. You can contact me or Mike Rice at Marine Engineers blog for info to inquire about this.

I also plan to do a write-up about and would like to possibly do an instructional video. I've heard some people complain about our user interface and it being difficult to figure out as new members. This should bring light on the site, with the blog attaining an average of 1000 daily views. We currently get these from Google search,,, facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and more. I would be glad to see MeetReef on that list, and often.

Other funding? Haloist (what is your real name by the way? lol), how much does the site currently cost to run and what possible fees/necessary spending do you see in the future? Obviously if we have sponsors, that could become a small source of income to put toward updates and new things for the site. Google Ads on facebook and/or especially the big forums will allow us to gain the much needed traffic and attention we are looking for.

Lastly, we need a private board for admins. I feel we should have our own board so we can talk among ourselves about issues such as those mentioned above. Also, adding each other on facebook or email (some other form of contact) will increase our communication and move the process along quickly and more smoothly.

Do we have any new updates? Other people's thoughts and opinions are much appreciated.

Hey Seano Hermano, that sounds like a great plan.  I've been really caught up with my personal life that I haven't had nearly enough time to work on the site.  In fact, I'm in the middle of a lecture while I'm writing this, but you've addressed the main problems I've been facing.  I'll send you a PM right now

You pretty much addressed everything that it sounds like this site needs. The idea behind this site is great, tweaking a few things and getting the name out there could get this site a bunch of traffic and new users. Im looking forward to seeing how this site progresses.

Nice site so far!  But I noticed on the "Free Giveaways" section of the forum that NOTHING is being given away, just people talking about their tanks in one way or another.

Totally not complaining, I just thought I would bring it to your attention.

Thanks for the site!



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