Some of you may have noticed by now our mobile version of MeetReef. Formated for mobile viewing, you should be able to update your status, join groups, participate in discussions(and start new ones) as well as create new events and check your calendar to update your event activity.

The mobile version is currently in beta so improvements are still being made. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please post them below, on my profile, or send us a message at

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We are currently having issues reverting back to mobile from desktop view while on a mobile device. You also cannot yet add new events or update current one through the mobile beta. 

We are now aware of these issues and are making best efforts to come to a solution for the problem(s).

To revert back to mobile once in desktop view on your mobile device, select "Switch to Mobile Optimization" at the footer of our home page.

So far, I am impressed with everything I see on meetreef! I will recommend it to everyone I know in the hobby.

Where is the link for MeetReef Mobile?

Once again Greg, I apologize for the lat response. You can switch between mobile and desktop views by clicking the link at the bottom of the navigation menu while on your mobile device.

The mobile stuff is no doubt that I don't have the MeetReef mobile App? On this OLD MAC (no intel or up to date plugins) could be an issue. The MACs you use probably aren't old as this one. Also, I use the "swipe" keyboard option on the Samsung which may be why the keyboard does not come up on the emails via Aquarium ID's MeetReef interface.

Obviously I can comment here on this old mac, in a discussion, just cant "send" an email.

can upload files fine too, just email. Perhaps not worth looking into, as I am the only one on the 1/3 planet land mass that has an issue here, and I have a solution with my Win8

From Lenny's collection. I really like this one.


I think I know what you mean now. We don't have an official app for Google Play or Windows / Apple App Stores, as it would be rather costly to do so for each platform. Instead, you can go to while on your mobile device and opt into "mobile" by clicking the bottom link in the drop-down menu (top right corner). 

Unfortunately, the mobile version doesn't include some of the things we have available on the full site. For now, you can get around this issue by opting back into desktop mode to send an email. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it's the best we can do right now. We are continually working to resolve any problems you may have and better your experience with our user interface. Please let me know if this is of help to you.


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