I just was bored and wanted to ask if anybody has lost a fish(or more than 1). I've lost a cinnamon clownfsih(Nemo) and a algae blenny(Benny) RIP they will be good friends forever:(

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Aw, I know how you feel.  That's why we have a RIP thread in the forum for your fishes to be remembered.  :(

I don't want to think about how many fishes I've lost.  It's so sad. This is why we must educate newcomers! lol

I lost the only fish I've had, last September - a coral beauty angel. It died to due stress in a 10g tank while I was trying to move the 29g to a new house.


It's nearing a year that I've been trying to get a good tank up and running to become a great reef tank. Hopefully I will be able to get fish again soon...

I got 2 clowns together they were my first fish and one dies the next day.  He had been sick.  We replaced him both were great and healthy... However my original "Nemo" jumped while I was gone in my 3 week vacation.  So sad cause he ate out of my hand :(
I got a beautiful Midas blenny (third fish ever) and about a week later he looked like he had ich.  So I took him out of the DT and put him qt.  He was too stressed and died in an hour after I caught him.  Sadly I think he would have made it if I would have left him alone.  
Both of these losses were super sad but I learned from my mistakes in the last 2 cases.  I don't pull fish with 2 spots if ich.  I wait a few days and fees heavy with garlic as long as the fish seems otherwise heathy.  2nd I have since covered the entire top of my tank as their were some place where a sneaky fish could slip out if spooked etc.  
Hoping these things help new people not make the same sad mistakes.

reefer_smitty said:
I lost a sailfin tang to a newbie mistake a little over 10 years ago when i first started to get into saltwater. I didn't realize that salinity changed when the water got hotter, and I mixed my saltwater cold. Found him dead the next morning and checked my SG. Way to high needless to say.
I have lost more than I would wish to share. lol Most were all at once due to not quarantining a powder brown tang. She broke out with ich and took down the tank my friend and I were working on. Although the tank was at his house many of my fish resided in his 90 gallon reef. We lost two clowns, a powder brown tang, 4 chromis, a sixline wrasse, a court jester  goby and the most beautiful firefish Ive ever seen. It was a very sad day. After that the tank was fairly neglected and we lost much of our coral as well. Over a thousand dollar mistake. That was like a million dollars to sixteen year old kids at the time. I almost got out of the hobby for good then...

In saltwater, two.  A mandarin that I'd gotten from a less than reputable LFS (it was starved past saving).  I'd also lost an algae blenny to the famous carpet surfing.


Fresh water....pfft.  I tried keeping guppies, failed...epically

One thing about this hobby is death is expected. After nearly ten years of keeping fish I've lost a lot of freshwater, whether it was from aggression, disease or unknown. Fry is the hardest to keep alive with a 0% death rate.
It always stinks to lose a fish.  I know I've had a few die on me.  One of the worst was a really cool Hawaiian flame wrasse.  It was a beautiful fish that was special ordered even..  The best thing you can do is learn from any mistakes that you made.  In the case of the flame wrasse I think a good QT in addition to de-worming and he probably would have had a better chance at surviving.

I lost a yellow tail blenny.He decided to go carpet surfing. I even had a canopy at that time.

Thankfully that has been my only loss in the two years Ive been in the salt water hobby.


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