It's me, Friar.  Been on nano-reef for a while.  I got into reefing about 19 months ago.  I started my first tank as a 1.5 gallon Pico, an acrylic Tetra Water Wonders.  Ran that one for a year, it got so encrusted with coralline algae, I finally went and got a 4 Gallon finnex, moved everything over to the new tank and got rid of the Tetra.  Still have all my coral from the tetra, as well as the brittle star i had in there.  Built an LED light and fixture for the light, hooked up a turtle type canister filter with Chemi-pure and purigen, a heater, the live rock from my Tetra and a Nano powerhead, away we went!

Now have collected a few more zoas, some candy canes and more rics, tank is very stable, with weekly water changes of about a gallon or more fresh made saltwater.  I am always looking for inexpensive coral in the southern California or Bakersfield area, as I live only four hours away from those places and there is nothing near here for an LFS.  Really eyeing what Phil Your Aquarium has since they can ship to me fairly quickly.


Gonna take a trip to So Cal after Christmas and hopefully spend a little Christmas Money down there on some new additions.


Nice place you have here!





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wow, nice setup!  yeah, I love Phil Your Aquarium too, they're pretty awesome.  :)

Hey, the tank looks nice! Keep up the good work.

I'll have to check out Phil Your Aquarium to see what they have to offer. Shipping might not be worth it to ship to OH, but I will at least look at their site!

Looking good!How much do you have to top your tank off daily?


I just keep a bottle of fresh water handy, I top off maybe 1/4 cup a day, 1/2 a cup every two days depending on when I get to it.  I have a partial lid on the tank, so some of the evap drips back into the tank.


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