Hi, I am trying to get rid of caulerpa algae from my nano reef tank (48 litres).

It came in a rock and I didn't pay any attention at the time, now it is taking over my tank and I am tired of removing it by hand.

Does anybody know a good solution?

I read that foxface are a good option but I don't think my tank is big enough for one.

Any help is welcome.


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Sea hares, Turbo snails, hermit crabs, emerald crabs, astrea snails, cucumbers, some urchins, and some blennies may help with your algae problem

Thanks for your reply, at the moment I have a algae blenny and some turbo snails in the tank, but they don't touch the caulerpa.

I have thought of an urchin, but last time I had some soft corals with one (long spined urchin) it ate my xenia.

I'm planing to get some emerald crabs to see if they can control the caulerpa.

Any other ideas?

tang and or emerald crab 


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